Lucky 31

What is a Lucky 31 Bet?

A Lucky 31 Bet is a popular form of betting, especially in horse racing. It is an advanced type of multiple bet that involves five selections.

The bet consists of 31 individual bets, hence the name. These 31 bets are made up of five singles, ten doubles, ten trebles, five four-fold accumulators, and one five-fold accumulator.

The aim is to secure a return from just one winning selection, but the more selections that win, the greater the return.

How are the Winnings Calculated for a Lucky 31 Bet?

The calculation of winnings for a Lucky 31 Bet can seem complex, but it’s pretty straightforward once you understand the process. Let’s take an example with a £10 stake.

To start with, you should know that your total stake is divided among the 31 bets. So, with a £10 stake, each bet would have a stake of about £0.32 (£10/31).

The return from each of these bets would depend on the odds of the selections.

For instance, if you have one winning selection with odds of 3/1, you would receive a return of £1.29 (£0.32 x 3 + £0.32), which is the original stake plus the winnings. If more selections win, you would add up the returns from each winning bet to calculate your total return.

Let’s say you have two winning selections with odds of 3/1 and 4/1. The return from the first selection would be £1.29, and the return from the second selection would be £1.61 (£0.32 x 4 + £0.32).

Additionally, since two selections won, there would also be a winning double. If we assume the double also has odds of 3/1, the return from the double would be £4.29 (£1.29 x 3 + £1.29). Adding up all these returns, the total return would be £7.19 (£1.29 + £1.61 + £4.29).

The more winning selections you have, the more winning bets you would have, and the greater your return would be.

How is a Lucky 31 different from a Super Yankee?

The primary difference between a Lucky 31 and a Super Yankee (also known as a Canadian) is the inclusion of single bets in the Lucky 31. A Super Yankee consists of 26 bets and does not include singles, comprising ten doubles, ten trebles, five four-fold accumulators, and one five-fold accumulator. Consequently, a Super Yankee requires at least two winning selections for a return. In contrast, the Lucky 31’s inclusion of singles means it requires just one winner for a return.

Do bookmakers give a bonus on a Lucky 31?

Bonuses on Lucky 31 bets are commonly offered by bookmakers. These bonuses can vary but typically include a bonus on the total return if all five selections win, and a consolation payout (like double the odds) if only one selection wins. These bonuses add extra value and appeal to the bet, enhancing the potential returns, especially in the scenario where all selections are successful.

How many winners do you need for a return on a Lucky 31?

For a return on a Lucky 31 bet, you need at least one winner. A Lucky 31 consists of 31 bets across five different selections, including five singles, ten doubles, ten trebles, five four-fold accumulators, and one five-fold accumulator.

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