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This article is intended for audiences 18+ years and over. For gambling support please visit gamcare.org.uk or Gambleaware.org.

What is the 6 horse challenge?

The bet365 6 Horses Challenge offers an opportunity for new and eligible customers to win a portion of a Jackpot by accurately predicting the winners in six races, handpicked by bet365.

There’s a prize pool that will be divided among participants who successfully predict the outcomes of either five or four of the selected races.

This challenge provides an exciting way for bettors to engage with horse racing, testing their insight and luck in forecasting the results across a series of races.

Terms and Conditions

Pick the winners from six selected races for your chance to win, with cash prizes up for grabs for four, five and six correct results.

The prize values displayed for four, five and six correct predictions are the maximum available based on a single winner for each prize-pool and will be reduced in the event of shared prize-pools. If more than one entrant predicts four, five or six correct race results, the total amount of applicable prize-money will be shared equally between all entrants involved for each prize-pool. Entrants will only receive a share of the prize-pool they have finished within, a maximum of one prize per game.
Entry to 6 Horses Challenge is separate from standard bet placement and all bet365 offers do not apply. The prizes listed within the game are based on all races taking place as scheduled. In the event of a race being abandoned, amended prizes will be listed within the game. Should multiple races be abandoned, the game will be made void.
In the event a chosen selection is declared a non-runner prior to the game entry closing, entrants can change their selection. If a replacement selection is not made, non-runners will automatically be replaced with the unnamed Starting Price Favourite at the point of settlement.

New and eligible customers only. T&Cs apply. Registration Required.

How to play the 6 horse challenge

Taking part in the bet365 6 Horses game is quite simple for new and eligible customers.

You just need to pick a horse that you think will win in each of the six races that bet365 has chosen.

As the day unfolds and each race is run, you can track how your selections are doing. If you manage to make the right choice for at least four of the races, you’ll win a cash prize from one of the available prize pools.

Can anyone play the 6 horse challenge?

Yes, of course you need to be over 18 to play. If you have a Bet365 account, you can participate in this free game. Just go to the promotions page, select your horses, and confirm your choices.

Can I change my 6 horse predictions?

You can enter or edit your selections for each round of the game right up until the start of the first race. This includes making changes if your bet includes a non-runner. If you don’t update a non-runner before the entry deadline, that selection will automatically be substituted with the bet365 starting price (SP) favorite. In cases where there are joint or co-favorites, the horse with the lowest racecard number will be chosen as your selection.

Is the 6 horse challenge free to play?

Yes, the Bet365 6 Horses game is entirely free to play, with no hidden conditions. The only requirement is having a Bet365 account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can easily set one up and be prepared for the upcoming round of 6 Horses by either following one of our Bet365 links or visiting the Bet365 6 Horses website.

Are the winnings cash or free bets?

Winnings are in cash. Should you successfully tip three or more winners and consequently make a profit, your winnings will be paid out in cash and credited to your account balance on the same day.

Can 6 horse challenge winnings be withdrawn?

Yes, you can easily transfer your winnings from your bet365 player account to your debit card, e-wallet, or crypto account with just a simple click. This process is quick, secure, and dependable, ensuring you have access to your funds conveniently.

6 Horse challenge – Win up to £100,000

Enter Bet365’s 6 horse challenge competition – pick 6 horses for free to be in with a chance to win up to £100,000.