What is a Yankee Bet?

A Yankee Bet is a popular betting strategy that originates from the world of horse racing, but it has since been adopted by various other sports betting markets. Essentially, a Yankee Bet is a wager that consists of 11 separate bets from four different selections.

These bets include six doubles, four trebles, and one fourfold accumulator.

The main advantage of a Yankee Bet is that it provides a higher chance of a return, as you only need two of your four selections to be successful to secure some form of winnings.

How are the winnings calculated for a Yankee Bet?

Calculating the winnings for a Yankee Bet can seem complex at first glance, but it’s quite straightforward once you understand the process. Let’s break it down using an example with a stake of £10.

In a Yankee Bet, your total stake is divided across 11 separate bets. So, with a £10 stake, each bet would be 10/11, or approximately £0.91.

The returns from each of these bets are then calculated based on the odds offered for each selection.

For instance, if two of your selections win at odds of 3/1, two of your doubles would be successful. The return from each of these doubles would be calculated as (£0.91 * 3) + £0.91 = £3.64. As two doubles won, you’d multiply this by 2 to get £7.28.

Remember, this is just an example. The actual returns can vary depending on the odds of your selections and the number of selections that win.

The key point to remember is that the more selections that win, the higher your returns will be because more of your doubles, trebles, and your fourfold accumulator will be successful.

What are the variations of a Yankee Bet?

There are several variations of a Yankee Bet, including the Super Yankee, also known as a Canadian, which involves five selections instead of four and consists of 26 bets.

Another variation is the Lucky 15, which is similar to a Yankee but includes four single bets, bringing the total to 15 bets. These variations offer more opportunities for returns, but at the cost of a higher initial stake.

How many winners do you need for a return on a Yankee?

For a return on a Yankee bet, you need at least two of your selections to win. A Yankee is composed of eleven bets on four different selections. These bets include six doubles, four trebles, and a four-fold accumulator. Unlike a Trixie or a Patent bet, a Yankee doesn’t include single bets on each selection, so just one winning selection won’t bring any return.

How do you work out a Yankee bet?

Calculate the returns of each of the successful bets within it. If two selections win, you calculate the return from the one winning double. If three selections win, you calculate the returns from the three successful doubles and the one winning treble. If all four selections win, the calculation includes all six doubles, four trebles, and the four-fold accumulator. The total return of a Yankee bet is the sum of the returns from each winning combination.

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