What is a Canadian Bet?

A Canadian Bet, also known as a Super Yankee, is a complex bet that involves 26 separate bets on five different selections. This type of bet is popular among experienced bettors due to its potential for high returns.

The Canadian Bet is made up of 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-fold accumulators, and 1 five-fold accumulator.

To see any return from a Canadian Bet, at least two of your selections must be successful.

How are the winnings calculated for a Canadian Bet?

Calculating the winnings for a Canadian Bet can seem complicated, but it’s relatively straightforward once you understand the process.

In an example where each of your five selections has odds of 2/1 and you’re placing a £10 stake.

First, you calculate the return for each of the 26 bets. For the doubles, you would have £10 (your stake) x 2 (the odds) = £20, then that £20 x 2 (the odds of the second selection) = £40. This would be the return for one of the doubles, and you would repeat this process for each of the 10 doubles.

The process is the same for the trebles, four-folds, and five-fold accumulator, but you continue multiplying by the odds of the next selection. For example, for the trebles, you would multiply the £40 return from the double by the odds of the third selection.

After calculating the return for each of the 26 bets, you add them all together to get your total return.

In this example, if all five of your selections were successful, you would get a total return of £5,300. This includes your initial stake, so your profit would be £5,300 – £260 (the total stake for the 26 bets) = £5,040.

This is an example with all selections winning at odds of 2/1. The actual return from a Canadian Bet can vary greatly depending on the odds of your selections and the number of selections that are successful.

Is a Canadian a Good Bet?

A Canadian bet consists of 26 bets on five different selections in different events. These bets include ten doubles, ten trebles, five four-fold accumulators, and one five-fold accumulator. This type of bet can be advantageous for a bettor who has confidence in multiple selections and is looking to maximize potential returns. The more selections that win, the higher the return, due to the compounding effect of the accumulator bets.

How much does it cost to place a Canadian bet?

The cost of placing a Canadian bet is determined by the number of bets and the stake per bet. Since a Canadian is made up of 26 bets, the total cost is 26 times the stake of an individual bet. For example, if a bettor places a £1 bet on each of the 26 bets, the total stake would be £26. This higher cost reflects the comprehensive coverage of the bet, but it also means that the bettor stands to lose more money if the outcomes are not in their favor.

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