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To celebrate their fiftieth anniversary, Betfred has launched the Nifty Fifty game. This is a lotto game based on the traditional National Lottery, but more simple and easy to play.

Players can take part in the same weekly draw and enter the same prize pool as all other lotto games on Betfred, but they have a much better chance of winning big – which makes it much easier to win small prizes.

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The Betfred Nifty Fifty is a 50 ball lotto game. It’s great fun to play and easy too. Numbers from 1-50 are drawn during the live Betfred Nifty Fifty draw, held every Friday at 7pm.

All you need to do to predict the winning numbers.

When all the balls are drawn the computer generates a 6 digit code for each player based on their numbers predictions.

The code is unique to that player and will determine if they are a winner or not.

How does Betfred Nifty Fifty Work?

The Nifty 50 is one of the most exciting lotto games that Betfred have brought out and its proving popular amongst lotto fans in the UK.

There are 50 balls to choose from each day and you can bet on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or even up to five numbers each day.

There are 50 balls in total for you to choose from, with the chance to bet on matching between 1 and 5, and even the bonus ball.

All numbers are drawn live from the studio.

There is also an option can play for free too, but of course you must have a Betfred account to play.

Nifty Fifty Lotto from Betfred

On Betfred Nifty Fifty, you can also play a Numbers or Groups bet. With Numbers, you choose up to five numbers between one and 31.

If all your numbers are drawn, you win.

If any of the other players’ numbers come up, it’s a Lotto-style shared jackpot. Betfred Nifty Fifty is held every Monday and Saturday, and you can play any of the available draws up to 4 weeks in advance.

Players can win by correctly matching one to five numbers from the six-ball draw or seven-ball draw, including the bonus ball.

Opting for a bet on the six-ball draw without the bonus ball will obviously be higher odds and bigger returns but you have less chance of winning. The jackpot prize is fixed at £500,000 for matching all five numbers on a line and adding both balls on your respective seven-number draw.

How do I bet on the Betfred Nifty Fifty Lotto?

BetFred  Nifty Fifty makes it pretty easy to make a bet. Its all pretty simple – its a  betting lotto game with 50 balls for you to choose from: all you need to do is pick 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 numbers.

You can even have up to 10 lines on each bet if you think that suit you best.

As well as this great new Nifty Fifty bet, Betfred offers a huge range of their most popular bets alongside the many other regular bets including Who Wants To be a Millionaire? Bookie Bonanza and huge selections of To Win and Each Way markets such as Place your bets & Pick your winners.

What are the odds on Nifty Fifty?

The Nifty Fifty is a simple idea that has proved incredibly popular with players in recent years.

It’s very straightforward, requiring you to match the three numbers drawn on the night. In addition to match three, there are several other ways to bet on The Nifty Fifty, including a Patent (£1 stake for 10p) and Lucky 15 (£4 stake for 1p). There are 5 different prize tiers, starting at £1.

Keep it simple with a single straight up bet on just one number, or go all out and put five numbers on one playslip; the more numbers you bet on, the greater the odds.

What time are the Nifty Fifty draws?

You can now play the popular Nifty Fifty game and the Lotto draw at the official Betfred website.

This is part of their wider strategy to reach out to more players and make them aware of their offers and promotions. Every day of the week, you can watch and play the Betfred Nifty Fifty lotto game online, live from their UK lottery studios.

Three daily draws take place at the following times: 11:30 am; 2:30 pm; and 6:30 pm. The latest results will be announced on site shortly after each draw.

Nifty Fifty Results Today

If you want to view the latest winning numbers for the Betfred Nifty Fifty Lottery Draw then you will need to go to the results page on the Betfred website.

Click on Show me the latest results and then select your preferred lotto game from the drop-down menu.

Finally, choose the range of dates that you wish to view.

The results will appear on your screen. Make sure you check the results of the Nifty Fifty lottery draw as soon as possible.

Betfred make it easy, with all Nifty Fifty lotto results available at their website, on their official Betfred Twitter page, or at one of their many high street betting shops.

Is Nifty Fifty Free to play?

Nifty Fifty is not free to play – you must have a minimum stake of £0.50 to play the game.

The maximum stake per line has been set at £10 – but it’s worth bearing in mind that anyone who wants to bet on multiple lines can do so for less than £0.50 a line, as long as the total stake is at least £0.50.

Betfred only allows players to have one entry per game – so you can’t enter different lines on the same card.

What is Betfred daily millions?

The Daily Million is a leading online lotto game played in Ireland, the UK and around the world.

Whether you love slot games or betting on horse racing, Betfred offer a whole range of sports and casino games. With daily jackpots of up to £15 million and quick cash outs, there are so many reasons to join and play at Betfred.

Betfred 49s results

If you love betting on the lotto, then Betfred’s 49s is for you. Get involved with a regular schedule of draws every day, and take control of your wagering using the unique interface to place bets at times that suit you.

When you bet on Betfred 49’s, you have various options when it comes to markets. In the UK, for example, you can choose to bet on one number and one colour, or multiple numbers and colours.

In other countries, however, there are often more limited options so please check the terms and conditions for playing.

Nifty Fifty launched in 2020 and has since become one of the most popular games featured on the Betfred website and is the app is proving popular too.

The game, which sees three draws per day and is preceded by a live YouTube broadcast, has created at least six millionaires since it first appeared and has also helped to award some of the biggest prizes in both Irish Lotto and German Lotto history.

Nifty Fifty is a lotto game that you can play and watch – exclusively at Betfred.

There really is nothing else like it anywhere else on the web or mobile so it comes recommended for all lotto fans.

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