Old Trafford Seating Plan – best seats, away end and Stretford End

As any fan of the Red Devils knows, the stadium is more than just an arena – it’s a veritable theatre of dreams.

But before you can stand to cheer on your team from your perfect seat, it helps to break down the seating plan and understand where you’ll be watching from.

Old Trafford seating plan

Located in the city of Manchester, England, Old Trafford is one of the most iconic and recognizable football stadiums in the world.

Old Trafford
Old Trafford Seating Plan 2023

With a seating capacity of around 75,000, it is home to Manchester United FC and is host to some of the biggest games in the world.

The seating plan at Old Trafford consists of four major stands:

  • The Stretford End to the south-east;
  • The East Stand to the east;
  • The West Stand in the west; and
  • Sir Alex Ferguson Stand (North Stand) in the north.

Each stand has its own individual seating plan with different amenities and extras.

The Stretford End is traditionally where home fans are located on match days due to its proximity to both team dugouts.

It offers excellent views over other areas of the ground and has a variety of amenities such as food and beverage outlets, VIP boxes and wheelchair access points.

The East Stand has recently been upgraded to incorporate more comfort for supporters throughout matches but maintains its traditional standing area for those wanting an authentic terrace experience.

This section also houses more VIP boxes as well as corporate facilities and health/safety equipment for safety reasons.

The West Stand is typically where away fans are allocated a large central area while all other spectators are located away from this part of the stadium allowing both sets of fans a hassle-free atmosphere during matches.

Located here is also all press facilities including Tribune Room dining, TV studios and guest areas for players families.

Finally, The Sir Alex Ferguson stand or North Stand is possibly one of Old Trafford’s most iconic areas due to it being where most trophies have been collected by Sir Alex over his legendary career with “the Red Devils“.

This particular sector offers great views over both sections as well as many corporate privileges such as private suites fully equipped with climate control systems etc.

Sir Alex Ferguson stand old trafford

The Sir Alex Ferguson stand at Old Trafford is named in honour of the famous long-serving manager of Manchester United Football Club.

This stand is the largest in the stadium and has a capacity of 26,000, making it one of the biggest single stands in Europe.

In addition to its impressive size, it is home to numerous VIP boxes and the state-of-the-art tunnel area.

East stand Old Trafford

The East stand at Old Trafford is one of the four original stands in the stadium and has an impressive seating capacity of around 11,500.

Its lower tier is also known as The Kop, a reference to Liverpool’s home ground.

As with the other stands at Old Trafford, the upper tier seats a further 1,000 people.

The east stand has a particularly grand view of the pitch and benefits from air-conditioning and several corporate hospitality areas.

Located near Manchester City Centre, The East Stand offers excellent transport connections for fans coming from within Manchester and the local region.

Sir Bobby Charlton stand Old Trafford

The Sir Bobby Charlton Stand proudly overlooks the iconic Old Trafford pitch.

Named after one of Manchester United’s greatest ever players, the stand seats around 8,000 supporters, who are usually up close to the action as they primarily sit behind each goal.

This popular stand has two tiers, which provides great visibility from every angle and incorporates all modern amenities including dedicated food and drink outlets and a variety of corporate hospitality options.

In addition to featuring some of the best views in the stadium, this modern construction also allows for improved access for disabled spectators who wish to gain access to all areas within the ground.

Stretford End old trafford

The Stretford End is the traditional home-end at Old Trafford and has been home to some of the most memorable moments in Manchester United’s history.

Situated behind the goal, two tiers run along the length of the stand for a total capacity of 8,453 spectators.

The lower tier has an unreserved seating area with an area dedicated to away fans, while the upper tier offers reserved seating.

The Stretford End is famous for its passionate atmosphere created by Manchester United fans who fill every corner chanting and cheering for the famous red and whites.

Where is Old Trafford located?

Old Trafford is the home of Manchester United Football Club, located in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England.

It has a capacity of 74,310 and stands on the former site of Lancashire County Cricket Club’s Old Trafford ground.

Situated just 3 miles from Manchester city centre, it is easy to reach by public transport with Piccadilly Station being only a 15-minute walk away.

How to get to Old Trafford by metrolink

Old Trafford is served by the Metrolink network, with two tram stops nearby: Old Trafford and Exchange Quay providing connections to Manchester City Centre, Eccles, Piccadilly and MediaCityUK.

Both trams stop right outside the stadium, so you won’t have any trouble finding your way to the ground.

The journey time from Manchester city centre is approximately 20 minutes.

Before travelling it is advisable to check timetable information on the Transport for Greater Manchester website or by using their journey planner tool.

If you’re travelling from further afield then look out for special event Metrolink services that operate on matchday to keep up with demand.

The special matchday journeys leave Altrincham Interchange two hours before kick-off for all Premier League fixtures, and some cup or European games taking place at Old Trafford.

For more information about travelling to Old Trafford by public transport, visit www.tfgm.com/matchdays.

How to get to Old Trafford by car

Old Trafford is located in the Trafford borough of Greater Manchester, just west of the city centre. Getting to Old Trafford by car is easy and straightforward.

From the North or South: On the M60, take junction 7 and travel west on the A56 (Chester road) until you reach Old Trafford Football Ground.

If you’re travelling from the North or South, it can be quicker to go via Junction 8 (which turns off at Warrington) and join junction 7 for fewer stops.

From the East: Take either the A57 (Mancunian Way) or A6104 (Oxford Road) West until you reach Stretford.

Here, you will join Talbot Road which will take you through Urmston and northbound along Chester Road to Old Trafford Football Ground.

From The West: From Horwich Parkway in Bolton, take Junction 3 off M61 & follow signs on Forli Road until Daisy Nook roundabout then take left onto Whit Lane which takes you down Manchester Rd then right onto Chester Rd all the way to Old Trafford Football Ground.

How to get to Old Trafford train

Getting to Old Trafford by train is the most convenient way to get to the stadium. Situated near Manchester United’s home ground, Manchester Piccadilly Train Station is the closest rail link.

From there, Old Trafford is a short 10-minute walk away.

Several other railway stations are located within easy walking distance of Old Trafford’s ground, including Cambridge Street, Oxford Road and Salford Central Stations.

All three are served by frequent commuter routes from local towns and cities around Greater Manchester.

Additionally, Metrolink trams serve Cornbrook Station which is just a short stop away from Old Trafford stadium.

How to get to Old Trafford by plane

Old Trafford is easily accessible by plane with Manchester Airport located just 15 miles from the stadium.

Manchester Airport has flights to and from destinations throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australasia. Direct international flight options to Manchester include Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Once you have arrived at Manchester Airport you can get directly to Old Trafford using either public transport or a taxi.

The metrolink tram system connects Manchester Piccadilly Station (near the stadium) with St Peter’s Square in central Manchester where you can get a direct connection to or from the airport.

You can also take a taxi directly from the airport which usually takes around 40 minutes depending on traffic levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is there a seating plan for Old Trafford?

A1: Yes, there is a seating plan for Old Trafford. The seating plan can be found on the official website at https://www.manutd.com/en/visiting-old-trafford/seat-plan.

Q2: Is there wheelchair seating at Old Trafford?

A2: Yes, there is wheelchair seating available at Old Trafford. Wheelchair seating can be found in all areas of the stadium, with dedicated wheelchair-only seating located in most areas.

Q3: Are there any age restrictions for Old Trafford seating?

A3: Yes, there are age restrictions for seating at Old Trafford. All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult and children aged 14-15 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over.