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Football Accumulator Tips

What is a Football Accumulator?

A football accumulator is a form of multiple football bet which involves four or more selections. For the bet to win all selections must be winners and the winnings are calculated by multiplying the odds of your accumulator with your initial stake outlay.

Winning accumulators are normally at larger odds, due to the fact that there are multiple selections added to the betslip.  Football accumulators are often called a ‘Football Acca’ and are an extremely popular form of betting, especially punters looking to bet o the football.

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what is the football accumulator tip for today?

Harry Kane of Tottenham. Are you adding Spurs to your football acca? ©Cosmin Iftode /123rf

How do you win a football accumulator?

Due to the fact that for winning football accumulators to win, all your selections must come in – so ff they do you can be guaranteed quite a healthy. Football accumulators are classed as high risk for some as you need four or more selections to win. Of course, there is always a good chance that one team or selection will let you down. There are, however a few ways to increase your chances of winning.

  • Take into account form guide. This is a no brainer for punters, you should only bet on teams that are in good form and confidence coming into the game. Does a team play betteer away from home or is a team’s home form awful? Take into account home and away form.
  • Team injuries and suspensions. Team news is all important when making your selections. Is the striker who has been banging in the goals in the last few games out with injury? Is the defensive rock at the back out with a calf strain? Is the midfield general banned for his next match. Its important to take into account all these factors.
  • Is the price value? Seeking out value is extremely important. Is it worth adding a 1/6 shot to your accumulator? Remember the more selections you add to your accumulator the riskier the bet. We’ve all been stung by that 90th minute equaliser!
  • Check head to head stats. Historically, some teams perform better against certain teams. Its strange but this does happen! Check that the match is not a ‘derby’ – head to heads normally go out the window with games such as these with sides just looking not to lose.
  • Go with your own instinct. There are so many opinions out there regarding football accumulator tips, but the best way to do it is to do your own research and go with your gut feeling. The wins will feel all that much better having done you’re own research on a game.
  • Don’t be too tempted – The more teams and selections you add obviously the less chance you have of your accumulator coming in. Don’t get too tempted to go for that 10 team acca! Or if you do so, be sensible, only bet with small stakes for a bit of fun.
  • Use an acca insurance offer. Some bookies do actually offer a safety net of sorts, whereby they will refund your bet or offer you a free bet if you miss out on your accumulator by one selection. Some brands actually pay out if you get one of your selections wrong. So take a look around and see which bookmakers offer this accumulator insurance.
football accumulator tips

Football accumulators are now very popular with punters. © Cosmin Iftode/123rf

Football accumulators can be good fun for punters as they provide big wins if they come in. Please bear in mind of course, that due to the nature of the number of selections, the chances of a bet coming in are slim.

Always remember to bet responsibly and of course, you must be over 18 to bet.